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Riding the Rainbow was made possible thanks to an initial contribution by Afrilanthropy and the financial support of Oeuvres de Secours de la Grande Duchesse and André Losch Fondation. But it would not exist as it does today without all of the people that have helped us to grow.
As it stands, at least 89.3 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, and human rights violations (UNHCR, 2022). This figure includes 13.7 million child refugees and asylum-seekers, and nearly 22.8 million, who are internally displaced due to conflict and violence (United Nations, 2022). Many have witnessed and experienced egregious violence and levels of grief beyond their years.
Whilst these numbers are overwhelming, Riding the Rainbow is an example of how small organizations and the initiative of individuals like you can make a difference. By contributing with your skills and enthusiasm to this initiative you can be part of a global movement and help restore hope for vulnerable people.

There are 9 ways you can join us and make a difference today

1. Make your preloved item(s) available on the app Play Market and App Store.

2. Post your comments on your own Social Media and make sure you tag us Facebook and Instagram.

3. Print one of our flyers, and put it on your school announcement boards, doctor’s waiting room, favorite shops, etc. Contact us  if you like to customize it.

4. Share information on the project with your company’s internal communication and recommend our project for a possible collaboration or funding to the team working on Corporate Social Responsibility

5. Flag our projects and put us in touch with any contacts you have in the media.

6. Make a donation no matter how small – to support the project.
7. Mention us to your favorite grassroots organizations working with refugees and connect us if they are interested in a collaboration
8. Our app has the potential to assist other organizations in service delivery, please give us feedback on the app on how it can be improved and expanded.

9. Become a Riding the Rainbow Ambassador. Ambassadors agree to devote some time as volunteers by offering their skills (e.g. creating social media content, offering translation in local languages) or simply agree to play a pivotal role in their community by spreading the word both online and physically. If you enjoy engaging with a wider audience, and are passionate about the work we do, we would love to hear from you! Contact us .

Riding the Rainbow

Riding the Rainbow

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